KPSmurals 2012 Entries [COMPILATION]

KPSmurals Entry # 1 [Poem]

KPSmurals Enrty # 2 [Video/Singing]

KPSmurals Entry # 3 [Fansign/ Fanart]

KPSmurals Entry # 4 [Fanfiction]
PART 2 Chapter 1
PART 2 Chapter 2
Part 2 Chapter 3
Part 3
Part 4
KPSmurals Entry # 5 [Songwriting]

KPSmurals Entry # 6 [Singing]



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KPSmurals Entry # 3 [Fansign/ Fanart] Part 2

category: Fansign/Fanart
by: Denz (KPS 001)

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Most Active KPS Member: JOVI

Most Trusted KPS Member: DENZ

Most Talented KPS Member: JHE

Most Friendly KPS Member: WELA

Most Funniest KPS Member: SEII

Best KPS Researcher: NATHAN



KPS Member of the Year: DENZ

KPSmurals Enrty # 2 [Video/Singing] Part 2

CATEGORY: Video Making/ Singing
Title: Graduation Day by IU
By: Kath (KPS 008))

KPSmurals Entry # 1 [Poem] Part 6

Category: Poem
Title: Touch Of Voice
By: Jhe (KPS 025)

Note: Ganito talaga ung itshura nian nung nag submit c Jhe kaso nka MS Word kc so kinapture ko nalang. Mianhe Jhe.

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KPSmurals Entry # 1 [Poem] Part 6

Cateogory: Poem
Title: But I’m Fine
BY: Jaey/Myca (KPS 002)

But i’m fine…
(lawsuit, netizens, disbandments, antis, traitors, manipulators and people who misunderstood me(us) for loving KPOP)
Does love takes to be honest all the time?
Or does it always requires a mistake?
Learn, to be able to knowAsk, to find out how
Things may seem to be rightbut it may change everynight
Crawl, then try to walkThink, and start the talk
We might say it’s true
Still they don’t have a clue
Make a mistake and they’ll find out
Show the truth and they’ll forget
You know what you have done
But they didn’t knew even onebut i’m fine…..

KPSmurals Entry # 4 [Fanfiction] Part 4

Category: Fanfiction
By: Denz (KPS 001)
Title: IF ONLY
Author: denzlee
Characters: You/Reader, Luhan Kris, Lay, Tanya and Sehun
Length/ Word Count: 3105
Genre: Angst
Warning: Character Death

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KPSmurals Entry # 4 [Fanfiction] Part 3

Category: Fanfiction
By: Lilly (KPS 031)
Title: Next Life

Note:advance sorry if there’s wrong grammar 🙂 hope you’ll understand :’)

IDEA from severely by ft. island and heaven by ailee

since you were a young girl, sungmin has been there everywhere you go or everything you wanted to do or have, he used to be your father but deep inside, you love him as your whole life, not just for a day but for a lifetime, 2 days from now you celebrated you 18th birthday or commonly your debut, you are happy because this is the right time for you to tell him your true feelings. one day, he treated you at the high class restaurant, play with you at the play zone and started strumming his guitar. sunset.. feelings are floating this time, he hugged you like there’s no tomorrow, tears fell down from his eyes, you noticed it and hugged him tighter than before, you whispered his name “sungminnnie?” he smiled and replied “ne? let’s be like this just for a minute!” “but i have to tell you something, and i really have to tell you this time” “what is it then?” he said while smiling . ” i like you, i mean not just like, i’m freaking crazy in love with you! and wanted to be with you for a lifetime” tears fell down harder and faster now, ” i do love you too” he whispered , ” but i’m sorry for letting your heart be like this to me, but one more thing, i think this is my last day and second here on earth. saranghae, YONGWONHI” everything paused, freezed like everyone died, your hearts punning so fast, you wanted to cry but you don’t like him to see you so pity. his arms letting you go slowly, before anything happened, he pushed himself to you for him to kiss you, yours and him are now become one, about a second , a bucket of tears fell down from your eyes, “I.LOVE.YOU. i will give my last word to you, I.DO.LOVE.YOU” his body fell down to you, you called for help,

someone grab him and put him inside his car, he rapidly drove the car through the nearest hospital but it’s too late, he passed away. the boy hugged you. while he’s also crying that hard, ” thank you for everything” you whispered, but the boy brushes your hair using his hand “i’m his younger brother” he confessed to you, ” he told me 5 years ago about this , he told me also to treat you as he treated you, and i also like to treat you that way, as i watching you both , i found out the reason how he really love you that much, i’m key”

day goes by, it was raining, he visited your unit, and gave you snack to eat and movies to watch, you both enjoys the movie when a familiar scene attacks your heart, you ran through your room and covered your face with a pillow , you remember sungmin visited you in your dream . he was hugging you very tight but minutes ago, he left you alone , key walk through your room and take off the pillow and hugged you, ” don’t be afraid to tell me your feelings, i’ll try to understand even it’s hard to” he kissed your forehead and grab his guitar and played the acoustic version of one for me by SHINee , he realized that he is now in love with you, he’s in love, but he doesn’t want you to be sensitive to him, so he used to keep it on his own, unless his brother is alive.

3 years ago.

you realized that you love him like his brother, key is really the younger brother of sungmin, actually he is 3x of sungmin, the way he protects you, the way he makes you smile and the way he loves you.
SUNSET. yes it’s already sunset, the bright moon is coming, soft feeling , you really like it, you felt someone tapping your shoulders, a big sky blue bear blocks his face, you was shocked when someone shouted ” SAENGIL CHUKAHAE!!! I LOVE YOU, NOMU NOMU NOMU SARANGHAEYO” “noneun haengbokhae.. keyk i do love you too”